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The following can be placed in the file ~/.vimrc to set your favorite options when using Vim. This is not a complete listing, just those from my ~/vimrc.


General Options

set nocompatible get out of horrible vi-compatible mode.
filetype on detect the type of file being opened.
set history=1000 set how many lines of history to remember.
set cf enable error files and error jumping.
filetype plugin on load filetype plugins.
set viminfo+=! make sure it can save viminfo.
set isk+=_,$,@,%,#,- none of these should be word dividers, so make them not be.

Theme and Colors

set background=dark use a dark background.
syntax on turn syntax highlighting on.
colorscheme sean set your color scheme.

Files and Backups

set backup make backup files.
set backupdir=$HOME/vimfiles/backup where to put those backup files.
set directory=$HOME/vimfiles/temp set the directory for temporary files.
set makeef=error.err when using make, where should it dump the file.

User Interface

set ruler show current positions along the bottom.
set cmdheight=2 set the height of the command bar.
set number turn on line numbers.
set lz do not redraw while running macros (much faster) (LazyRedraw)
set backspace=2 make backspace work normally.
set mouse=a use mouse everywhere.
set report=0 tell us when anything is changed via :...
set shortmess=atI shortens messages to avoid 'press a key' prompt.
set fillchars=vert:\ ,stl:\ ,stlnc:\

Visual Cues

set showmatch show matching brackets.
set mat=50 how many tenths of a second to blink matching brackets.
set lines=80 set height of workspace in lines.
set columns=160 set width of workspace in columns.
set so=10 keep 10 lines (top/bottom) for scope.
set laststatus=2 always show the status line.
set nohlsearch do not highlight searched for phrases.
set incsearch BUT do highlight as you type you search phrase.

Text Formatting and Layout

set ai set auto indent.
set si set smart indent.
set cindent do c-style indenting.
set tabstop=4 tab spacing (settings below are just to unify it)
set softtabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
set noexpandtab use real tabs.
set nowrap do not wrap lines.
set smarttab use tabs at the start of a line, spaces elsewhere.


set foldenable turn on folding.
set foldmethod=indent make folding indent sensitive.
set foldlevel=100 don't autofold anything, but enable fold manually.
set foldopen-=search don't open folds when you search into them.
set foldopen-=undo don't open folds when you undo stuff.


autocmd BufEnter * :syntax sync fromstart ensure every file does syntax highlighting