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CLFS - Hints and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to the CLFS Hints & FAQ Wiki.


Hints Referenced in the CLFS Book

Building the Basic System

Before the Build Begins

Multilib FAQ

LiveCD Hints & FAQ

Preparing a New Partition for CLFS

Partitioning Hints & FAQ

File System Hints & FAQ

Packages and Patches for CLFS

Downloading Packages

Final Preparations for CLFS

Temporary System Hints & FAQ

Constructing a Temporary System

Additional Packages

Installing Basic System Software

Network Booting Hints & FAQ

Tuning and Tweaking the Build Hints & FAQ

System Configuration

Bash Files Hints & FAQ

Beyond the Basic System

Desktop Customizations and Configurations

Hardware Monitoring, Profiling, and Benchmarking

Text Editors

Compiling, Linking, and Installing

Package Building Utilities Help

Shell Scripting

Console Applications